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The SLP Admin team are here to help. Composed of expert staff from Landesa and TMP Systems, the Admin team can help you in a number of easy-to-access ways or you can visit our help page

Using the SLP: 

This site is still in the Beta phase of development and you may need some help to navigate and understand it. Please direct any questions you might have to the Admin team.

Expressing your requirements/offering: 

The SLP asks you to compose RFPs/proposals in an unusual way. This process helps to ensure that all users express themselves clearly and efficiently. If you would like some help with this articulation, please contact the Admin team.

Direct advice and support: 

The SLP team can help you to improve your understanding of an issue or proposition. In some cases, we can also provide advice on the best course of action

For more information please get in touch with Ben Bowie at:

Tel: +44 7738 004117