Who we are

SLP is run by Landesa and TMP Systems, with the help of local partners and the support of the UK Department for International Development. We are dedicated to helping you find the experts you need to invest in land responsibly and efficiently.

The Social License Platform (SLP) matches businesses with the services and expertise they need to ensure that investments in agricultural land create growth opportunities for both business and local communities, while respecting the land rights of the communities that use the land.

Why do we need the Social License Platform?

We understand that investing in agricultural land in emerging markets is challenging.

In many emerging market environments, land tenure risk is high. Land records – if they exist – often do not reflect ground-level realities as understood by the communities and individuals owning or using the land. Much of the land available for investment is occupied by women, men, and communities that lack any formal rights. Without local knowledge and understanding, businesses can easily become embroiled in protracted disputes with local people that are costly and reputationally damaging. Equally, local communities will likely be seriously harmed by investments that fail to respect land uses and rights, and include local knowledge and input in the investment design and implementation.

We help businesses articulate their needs and connect to reliable experts, including local providers with expertise in complex processes like consulting with local communities, identifying land rights holders and users, assessing social impacts, and resolving disputes.

We help local experts – including community based organizations, civil society organizations, consulting firms, and independent consultants – identify and support companies interested in achieving more responsible investments aligned with best practice standards.

Our Vision and Mission

We envision an investment landscape in which all land-related investments protect and respect the land rights of women and men in affected communities and meet best practice standards for social responsibility.

We work towards this vision by helping businesses find the expertise necessary to integrate best practices into operations and assisting local and international experts to locate and identify businesses interested in responsible investments.

How it works

The SLP is dedicated to both businesses and service providers. This means that our Users will be in search of either experts or Projects and will follow these simple steps to become connected.

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My Data Security

What happens to my data once I share it on the platform?

The data you provide on the platform will never be sold or shared with parties beyond this site. The Admin team, like you, will have access to the full set of data you provide, which will help them to find good partnerships and identify ways to improve capacity. Other SLP users will only see a summary of the information you provided with basic details and no sensitive information included. If you would like further information, please see our Terms and Conditions Statement.


This material has been funded by UK aid from the UK government; however the views expressed do not necessarily reflect the UK government’s official policies

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