SLP Webinars

We are offering a series of webinars that help introduce users and potential users to the Social License Platform (SLP). We had hoped to deliver this information in person, via a series of trips and with support from our in-country partners and colleagues. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has made this impossible so we have transitioned to a remote approach to our communications for the time being.

We are focusing on introductory webinars for the next two months, with our next presentation planned for June 3rd (see below). These introductory webinars take attendees through the fundamentals of the SLP, explaining its value to different kinds of users while allowing them to ask questions at regular intervals. Attendee input during these webinars will help us to drive the way that we develop and expand the SLP, which is still in its pilot phase.

Our hope is to make these webinars as interactive as possible, so we are using polls and surveys throughout the process. We also hope to offer webinars on more specific topics (e.g. website walkthroughs) if there is appetite for them. We look forward to learning through this process along with our attendees. More information is available below.

Previous Webinars

30 April 2020: SLP Introductory Webinar

Future Webinars

We will our next introductory webinar at 14:00 Kampala/Nairobi/Dar es Salaam time on Wednesday 3rd June.

Please register to the Zoom webinar by following the link here: